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acai berryNew Acai Berry Diet Exposed: Miracle Product or Internet Scam?
Is the acai berry diet a scam? Find out now, read...
By now you have probably heard about the Acai Berry, the antioxidant that is getting so much attention because of reports it causes weight loss and improves overall health. Many celebrities have recommended this diet methods, and it has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and online. The staff at New York Chronicle was still very suspicious about the products since they have been so many fad diets that just didn’t work out the way they promised. We needed to find out more information for ourselves, so we decided to send one of our own people to check out the product, and Mary Sanderson volunteered for the job. We were all surprised by the positive results she achieved. If you’re skeptical about Acai, check out her results below.
Mary`s Story
The first thing I needed to do was find which type of Acai product to use—there were so many available. After conducting some online research, I decided on LipoTrim, a product that was reported to be the best available Acai product. According to rumors LipoTrim included the best health benefits of any other Acai supplement. Since LipoTrim is a pure and concentrated formula, I knew it would help me obtain accurate results. Another thing that drew me to this particular Acai company was the fact that it was a trustworthy company that did not take advantage of its customers. I conducted some research online and was able to confirm this information. I also loved the fact that I didn’t have to sign up for an array of bonus offers I didn’t want in order to get the free trial bottle of Acai. The manufacturers of the product guaranteed they would not sell my information.